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Hi everyone, I’m Jack, this is my first own blog, I would like to share all about the Girl’s Generation and my interest. i’m not good at english, i hope you can understand me. I am just the guy living Hong Kong, a small city with hard work life, my daily work is all about the computer, such as computing support, even at home I stick with my computer for the gaming, not all the time because of my wife, she needs my PC for watching Korean drama online. My most interest is the 1/10 remote control model car, it’s fun for me, building and apply new stuff in my model car, if change different settings, it’s become different driving experience, it is very fun and it was personalize hobby, but I am sure my favorites is all about the Girls Generation.

I remember my wife marry me few years ago, a lots of change in my life, I love my wife very much, I need to work hard for good live with my wife and my family. My work did not earn much money, only can say this job is very stable of income, but sometimes with a lots of pressure by work, sometimes even too much worry, a lots of problem appear, such as saving, housing… personally, those things is my responsibility, i will try my best be a good son and a good husband.

When I knew Girls Generation, they are just Korean girls bands, someday i browsing internet and Youtube, click on some of the korea music channel, but this one something special show up on the preview thumbnail, i found that they are performing “Genie” on the music Tv show, my first reaction is “OMG” why they dance very well with 9 member at the same time, the song not bad, if part with the dance together, it was awesome, after that, I look around them from web, i want got to know them more and more. one thing is touching for me is they being trainee around age 15 or 16 whatever, how they can know their career path for the Korean idol, i guess they are even don’t know what should they do and what will become, but S.M. Put them together and developed 9 members “Girls Generation”. I can told you, I left student at age 16 and pick my first job, I remember it is the hard time, but one thing I do understand is you have to pay myself, no matter any benefit. When I see their first debut on stage, they did the best job by their self, no matter success or not. I can imagine how hard they pay on it. Really true is the SM Ent. Is just marketing company, they put a lots resource on their artiste, different kind of promote to make sales and earn money, I think the most important is how they prove their hard work. I am not are huge fan of “Girls Generation”, but I follow and look forward to them, i ask to myself ” They just are little girls, they can do it, why I can’t “


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